North Columbus Baptist Church
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Church Home


are vital to every person and the Bible is filled with lessons and principles on relationships.  When our homes break down, so do our churches and our society.  Here you can receive training, counseling, encouragement and have godly examples to assist you in fortifying your marriage and training your children.


is the primary focus of all of our services.  The Bible exalts preaching, so we do, too.  Our pastor is an articulate and educated speaker, but still not afraid to place God's truth "on the bottom shelf" so even children can undersand God's precious truths.

Beautiful Nursery Facilities

are located in the new wing behind the sanctuary.  Our facilities are secure, clean and well-staffed.  You will be able to participate in the services in peace, knowing that your child is in kind, careful and loving hands.

The Music

in our church is heartfelt and blessed.  While we haven't abandoned the hymns or traded in our songbooks, our music is not dead, either.  It is lively and uplifting and an important part of our worship services.


are an important part of every believer's life and our church is the best place to make good friends.  Whether you are single or married, have small children or grown grandchildren, you can find other believers who are happy to welcome you into fellowship.

Building Bridges

from one generation to another is an integral part of our faith.  A biblical church passes down truth to each successive generation and will assist believers to teach their "children's children" the precious promises which they have so happily received .